C. F. Martin HD 16 RLSH

The “american guitar” is a term associated with the Martin guitar company in Nazareth, PA. Founded by german immigrant Christian Friedrich Martin of Markneukirchen in 1835 it still produces guitars and if you look at the who’s who of bluegrass, folk, country, rock’n’roll, rock, pop, blues and even jazz music you will not be able not to find one or the other who plays a Martin guitar.

So there is a tradition with the company and a long heritage of artists using the instruments. What about the guitars ? They are ok. There is no doubt that there are many decent guitar makers – many of them more or less copying Martin guitars - on the market but coincidence or not, our rig comprises Martin guitars.

C. F. Martin D 16 GT

Guitar afficionados tend to be hunter-gatherers and so it is not too surprising that whe can exert not less than four guitars. Or was it five ? What looks like madness at first glance soon turned out to be useful if not necessary because we utilize many different guitar tunings such as standard tuning, drop-D, DADgad, open G and it is much more convenient to just switch guitars instead of tuning around on stage.

C. F. Martin Ceo 5

We do not only play guitars such as the two on the first two pictures but also a model with the neck attatched to the body at the 12th fret with a slotted headstock. This older form was the first one to bear the designation known so well today: “Dreadnought”. This pattern is praised for it's powerful kind of "meaty" tone and that's exactly the way this Ceo 5 behaves.

Larrivée L-03 R

Among the guitars we play there are not only Dreadnoughts from the C.F. Martin company in Nazareth, PA. There is an exception wich is an instrument by Canadian luthier Jean Larrivée. While in fact building Dreadnoughts he changed the interior struts and braces significantly in comparison to the Martin construction finding his own way to achieve a great tone. The Larrivée we play features a body pattern Jean Larrivée developed, resembling to the Martin 000-size but still different. This guitar produces a silky overall sound with smooth elastic bass notes and it is one of the most versatile guitars a steel string guitar player can imagine. This guitar has Tronical automatic tuning system built in aftermarket. We believe it will serve us well when it comes to quick on stage tuning switches between EADGbe, DADGAd, open G, open D and Eb.