What we play on

The idea that unites us is: We play acoustic instruments and work with the sound patterns that you can put up with them. We don't miss anything. On the contrary, the expression of warmth and charakter of a fine acoustic instrument can hardly be achieved with electric or electronic methods. Without an instrument made of wood or metal, being played by someone, there would be no "samples". The icing on the cake for us is harmony singing, we do it on many of our song arrangements.

Perhaps everyone who enjoys playing music, is addicted to fine instruments, especially the ones he or she owns.

And since we are a little bit crazy four our instruments and because - besides the voices - they are the tools our music is made with, our instruments are introduced here.

The sound is determined by the traditional bluegrass instruments: bass, guitar, mandolin, dobro, and - as a kind of exotic - a National Style O that blends into the sound and lends it’s own special flavor to some of the pieces. Because of the ability of some of us to play more than only one instrument the accordion, flute and harmonica can also be heard in some of our arrangements.